New Mark & Lamento Informarle

New Mark, por Adrián Díaz

Lamento informarle, by Mo Lukas

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New Mark

Nobody saw it coming but Mark. Not even his mother, who was always worrying about him, nor his father, who always kept an eye on him. Her sister Laura was probably more shocked than the other members of the family, ‘cause she always thought about Mark as a healthy, happy, strong man. Her brother was always the fastest runner at school when they were younger, and on his twenties he was still a good athlete –rumor has it that Real Madrid was scouting him to play for them in Spain as the team’s new goalkeeper. It was going to be a million dollar contract. Nobody expected his illness. So sudden. It hit him so hard, so quickly. Laura could remember very vividly the night the ambulance took him to the hospital. The look on his doctor’s eyes when he told them what the problem was, what was wrong with Mark.

The doctor said that it wasn’t deadly. He remarked it a couple of times: Mark wasn’t going to die. He was fine. “It was just a difficult illness to understand”, he said. “It’s not common”. Actually, what Laura got out of the doctor’s speech was mainly that they didn’t know what was going on with him. Laura got also a glimpse of how weird was all of it on one of the nurses facial expressions while the doctor was talking: the old nurse reacted as if Mark was a monster. But he wasn’t, Laura knew that for a fact. He was a young, healthy, full of life, kind, intelligent and popular guy. Nothing was wrong with him, until that night.

What the doctor was saying made no sense to Laura. Judging by the questions that their parents were asking, neither did they. Something about Mark having to buy new clothes because the old ones wouldn’t fit anymore. Something about Mark transforming into something else, a new form, a new individual. Something, and that impacted Laura the most, about Mark not being able to produce spermatozoids anymore. I should have taken a selfie that night, wrote Laura a few weeks later on her blog, to capture the puzzled expression of my own face when the doctor told us that Mark was swiftly and spontaneously becoming a girl. A girl with tits, vagina and all. She didn’t understand the part about the chain reaction inside Mark’s body when the doctor explained a lot of complicated stuff about DNA and hormones, but she was very sure about one thing: Mark was going to be a pretty damn beautiful woman.



Lamento informarle

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