Other humans were coming for us

They were coming for us. The seas were rising and soon our homes and paths, our towers and cars, would be sinked in a land of water. In a desert of water. In an aquatic hell. But it was not the oceans the ones that were coming for us, although it was the seas the tools being used. The water was just another slave to human madness. No, the ones that were going to detroy our homes and lifes were more similar to us. Nature wasn’t submerging our land into nothing. Animals weren’t tearing apart our lifes. Humans. Humans were. Other humans were forcing us to leave everything behind. They were doing that because of greedy. Because they couldn´t stop hoarding wealth, or worse: they couldn’t stop consuming products that made others wealthy and they didn’t really need, while here in India the climate change is rising the sea levels so high that several islands have already dissapeared and soon we’ll be gone. We’ve been here for centuries. My father and the father of my father and his father built the very same walls that were, in the past, suppoused to defend us from our enemies. But this enemy can’t be defeated. Capitalism can’t be beaten. This system that condemn us to perish under water is the same system that makes other people rich, so nobody will do anything about it. At least, not enough. It will never be enough for us, it’s too late. We haven’t loose anything yet, but we will. We know we will. Everyone in the world -who’s smart enough to read- knows that. But no one will bat an eye because of us. We will just find another land, one not submerged into water, and start a new life. I hope your new car does worth it.

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